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Cosmetic Surgery

New Day Plastic Surgery Provides Top Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in San Antonio

What is cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery involves surgical and non-surgical procedures and techniques that entirely focus on enhancing the appearance of a person. Essentially, it involves improving the aesthetic appeal and symmetry of the various parts of the body. Cosmetic surgery is performed on all areas of the body including the head, face, neck, and body. Unlike plastic surgery, it is an elective surgical procedure that aims at improving the natural body appearance to create more desirable and attractive body contour, with an aim of boosting the confidence and self-esteem. Cosmetic surgery is usually practiced by physicians and doctors from various medical fields such as plastic surgeons and other related fields.

Some of the cosmetic surgery procedures in San Antonio carried out at New Day Plastic Surgery include breast enhancement procedures such as augmentation, lift, and reduction. Facial Contouring and rejuvenation procedures such as rhinoplasty, chin or cheek enhancement, eyelid lift, facelift and brow lift. Body contouring procedures such as tummy tuck, liposuction, butt enhancement and skin rejuvenation such as laser resurfacing, botox, and filler treatments.

Why you may want cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Procedure in San Antonio

Cosmetic Surgery Procedure in San Antonio

Getting cosmetic surgery in San Antonio from New Day Plastic Surgery we are able to help you improve your overall body appearance by correcting sagging breast, gain or loss in breast size and volume, excessive formation of fats at the abdomen, formation of stretch marks, loose and excess abdominal skin, stretched and protruding stomach, loose chin skin, loose skin or excess fat at the thigh, gaunt, wrinkle formation at the face, wrinkles bags under the eyes, and excess upper lid skin.

What you want from cosmetic surgery


Breast enhancement: Breast enhancement is a common cosmetic surgical procedure. A woman’s breasts helps to reveal her femininity, youthful vitality, and beauty. Different factors such as pregnancy and breast feeding, genetics, weight loss or gain, and aging may cause a change in the size and shape of your breast. Breasts enhancement involve breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction.

Breast augmentation: This enhancement procedure is usually carried out on women who feel that her breasts are too small. Also known as micromastia, it involves the use of saline breast implants to enlarge the breast to an ideal size, thus enhancing a more youthful and feminine appearance.

Breast reduction: Reduces the size of overly large and overdeveloped breasts; the procedure may involve removal of excess breast fats, skin and glandular tissues, and to reposition the breast nipple, creating a smaller and more proportionate breasts; it relieves the body of discomfort and other physical conditions such as back and neck pain and headaches caused by large breasts (gigantomastia).

Breast lift (mastopexy): Sometimes as a woman ages or during breastfeeding, the skin may lose it elasticity and firmness and become saggy; getting a breast lift in San Antonio raises the position of your breast by tightening the breast tissues to create more elastic and firmer breasts, thus enabling restore your youthful and pre-pregnancy contour.


Body contouring: Is a cosmetic procedure that aims to improve the youthful appearance by eliminating fat deposits and excess skin from various parts of the body, usually in the abdominal area, buttocks, and hips. Some of the surgical procedures involve; tummies tuck, liposuction, and butt enhancement.

Liposuction: Is a cosmetic surgical procedure that helps improves the body appearance by removing the excess fats deposits that tend to collect and accumulate in the skin tissues. The excess fat is removed by the use of a cannula that is inserted into the skin tissues, and the excess fats deposits are suctioned out. The procedure ensures complete removal of excess fats from the specifically selected areas enabling you achieve a glowing body contour.

Tummy tuck: After pregnancy or following weight loss program, the abdominal skin mostly may become loose and stretched. Tummy tuck cosmetic procedure helps to restore a lean, toned midsection to refine your contours and achieve a more elastic and youth appearance.

Butt enhancement: This procedure involves butt augmentation process that improves the appearance of the buttocks by making them larger. Techniques such as silicone implants are used to add more fats and tissues onto the buttocks. Besides, the fat can also be grafted from other parts of the body. Butt lift is also an important butt enhancement procedure; during this procedure; the buttocks get raised, so that they create a tighter, elastic and more pert appearance.

Facial enhancement

Nose job (rhinoplasty): Is a surgical procedure that helps to reshape the nose; it correct and modify the size, structure and overall appearance of the nose by modifying the cartilaginous tissues in the nasal area. Besides; the procedure can be used to correct a breathing problem caused by the obstruction of an air pathway. Often, rhinoplasty is done in conjunction with the facelift to improve the appearance of the nose in balance to the facial proportion.

Facelift (rhytidectomy): Mild to prominent wrinkles may be formed because of ageing, excessive exposure to sunlight, and free radicals. Rhytidectomy helps to remove wrinkles and creases in the face making you acquire a younger, glowing look. Getting a facelift San Antonio involves making incisions to separate the skin from the deeper tissues along the cheek and the neck. The deeper tissues are then tightened or removed; the skin is the redraped and excess skin removed.

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty): This facial enhancement procedure involves reshaping the eyelids and reversing the signs of aging in the upper and the lower lids. The procedure involves creating a clean and uniform crease and eliminating hanging skin tissue that may be touching the eyelashes; it restores a smooth and wrinkle free eyelid and reinforce the surrounding muscles and tendons.

Chin and cheek augmentation: Chin augmentation procedure helps to create a more prominent chin and ensure an ideal balance of the facial features. Chin implants can also be placed at the top of the chin to create a more refine and sharper transition at the chin. Cheek augmentation on the other hand aimed at ensuring more prominent cheekbones; cheek implants are placed at the cheekbones to enlarge them and enhance their fullness and contour.

Eyebrow lift: Getting a brow lift in San Antonio, also known as forehead lift aims at raising drooping and sagging eyebrows and remove the forehead wrinkles that are mostly associated with aging; it also improves the vertical creases enhancing a more youthful and glowing eyebrows.

Neck lift: A neck lift in San Antonio is a surgical procedure that helps to improve the jaw line and the neck area by removing the excess fat deposits and tightening loose skin around the jaw and at the chin, thus creating youthful and smooth contours around the neck.

Ear surgery (otoplasty): it involves enhancing the appearance of the ears that may be protruding, enlarged, or years that have an abdominal shape; the procedure involves either reducing the size of the ears or restructuring the shape of the various cartilages in the ears.

Cosmetic skin rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation: Is one of the non-surgical aesthetic treatments that helps to treat skin changes from discolorations related to aging, sunburn, acne scars, and wrinkles. The treatments may involve the use of Botox, tissue fillers, and laser skin resurfacing, which helps to rejuvenate the skin by reducing and flattening the scars, smoothening frown lines and wrinkles, and preventing the oxidative stress on the skin tissues.

What you can expect in your initial consultation

Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio Consultation

Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio Consultation

New Day Plastic Surgery schedules cosmetic consultation program with you to help discuss your goals and expectations. An initial medical examination is part of our consultation to determine the ideal surgical treatment for your body. We address your concerns in relation to the cost, complications, and risk related the surgical process. Our surgeons are committed to providing excellent cosmetic services and care products kindly contact us at New Day Plastic Surgery.

Additional Procedures

Facial implants

Facial implants, also known as chin or cheek implants are surgical tissues compatible with human tissues that are designed to augment, rejuvenate, and reconstruct the facial contours; they are usually used on individuals with small chin, weak jaw, and lack of facial contours.