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New Day Plastic Surgery Provides Top Liposuction Procedures in San Antonio

Trying to eliminate excessive fat tissues that get deposited and accumulate on the abdomen, thighs, flanks, and other areas of the body may be a frustrating process. Many people opt to use a weight loss diet and exercise to helps alleviate the unwanted fat; the methods are not completely effective and may not give the intended results on their own. Accessing a safe, proven procedure to target specific areas that have accumulated fats cells and ensure efficient removal of isolated deposits of those fats and improve their contour and appearance have become a desire for many patients. Over time, more and more people have discovered the incredible surgical procedure, the liposuction procedure in San Antonio from New Day Plastic Surgery to help achieve more aesthetically pleasing body contours.

What is liposuction

Liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure carried out at New Day Plastic Surgery that helps improves the contour of the body by removing excess deposits of fats located between the skin and the muscle. Liposuction is carried out in various areas of the body especially where fats deposits tend to collect and accumulate, such as the buttocks, hips, chin, thighs, neck, and tummy. The fat is removed by use of a cannula that is inserted into the skin and the excess fats are suctioned using a high vacuum pressure. The surgical procedure is used to improve appearance rather than treat a health condition. New Day Plastic Surgery helps you to achieve a permanent and complete removal of excess fat tissues from the selected areas enabling achieve a glowing body contour. Besides, it is safer with minimal risks, thus create more confidence to the patients. Often, it is complimented with other surgical procedures such as tummy tuck surgery and breast augmentation; liposuction San Antonio is a potential and ideal solution for anyone looking to restore and rejuvenate their contours.

Why you may want liposuction

To improve your body appearance: Body contouring in San Antonio aims to reshape one or more part of your body. It is used to restore certain parts that may accumulate fatty cells or fails to respond well to diet, exercise or medication. It helps to shape your body and acquire a more toned and lean body.

Maintain your skin elasticity after weight loss, aging, and pregnancy: Such factors may cause poor tissue elasticity and result in sagging of the abdomen area, buttocks, and thighs. A body lift in San Antonio helps to stretch and straighten your skin thus restoring your ideal skin elasticity.

Treat lymphedema: Lymphoedema is a chronic (long-term) condition where fluid accumulates in the body tissues; it causes swelling and inflammation in the body tissues. Essentially, it affects any part of the body but usually occurs in the arms or legs. Other symptoms of the lymphoedema may include pain and heavy sensations in the affected parts, and difficulty during movements. Laser lipo in San Antonio helps you reduce swellings, pain, and discomfort.

Treat gynaecomastia: This is a common condition that causes swelling and enlargement of nipples; it is common in teenage boys and elderly men. Signs may include deposition of a small amount of tissues around the nipples; extra fatty tissues may accumulate and lead to more prominent breasts. Laser lipo San Antonio is used to remove the excess fats and reduce the swelling.

Liposuction is done in relatively small areas of the body: The technique is not a treatment for obesity or long-term weight loss program. Importantly, it should not be carried out if the person wants to eliminate stretch marks, dimpling, cellulite and any other skin surface disorder.

Other surgical and medical conditions treated by liposuction include lipomas, a condition associated with benign fatty tumors, lipodystrophy disorder that causes problems with metabolism of body fat, and excessive sweating at the armpit area.

What you want from liposuction

Liposuction Procedure in San Antonio

Liposuction Procedure in San Antonio

Liposuction San Antonio helps you achieve a safe removal of excess fats with minimal disturbance to the neighboring tissues, helps to improve your overall body appearance, helps boost your body esteem, eliminating excess fatty tissues that may not possible through exercise or diet. Moreover, we help you remove abdominal etching. The end result of liposuction San Antonio is always to cause the least amount of bruising and physical discomfort to our patients.

The laser lipo procedure

Laser liposuction is one of the main techniques we perform at New Day Plastic Surgery. Primarily, our surgeon discusses with you regarding the technique they will use and the areas where the fats deposits will be removed. Before the onset of the surgery, an anesthetic is administered; the type of the anesthetic, whether local or general anesthesia depend on how much fat is to be removed. A surgical solution is injected using a thin tube; the tube contains a large volume of saline solution into your fatty areas. The solution contains a local anesthesia, adrenaline, and epinephrine. It enhances the removal of the fat more efficiently, helps reduce blood loss, and eases pain during and after surgery. Finally, a laser is then used to break down the fatty tissues; the laser energy liquefies the fat cells, which are suctioned out gently to minimize any damage to the surrounding tissues or absorbed naturally into the tissues. The laser is also used to heat the superficial layer in the skin to stimulate the layer to produce more collagen and elastin to enhance skin quality in the post treatment period.

Today, liposuction services in San Antonio are providing our patients with other liposuction techniques including ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty (UAL), power-assisted lipoplasty (PAL), and the tumescent technique; these techniques are helping many of our plastic surgeons to provide patients with excellent results and quicker recovery times. The techniques used for mommy makeover surgery have been discussed below: tumescent liposuction – this technique is commonly used to remove localized fat deposits in various regions of the body; ultrasound-assisted liposuction – this technique uses high ultrasonic energy to liquefy the fat tissues which is then removed from the body; the technique is used to remove excess fibrous fats such as the chest, flanks and lower back; power assisted liposuction – involves the use of a suction tube that vibrates at the tip to help break up and loosen the fat cells.

What you expect in your initial consultation

Liposuction in San Antonio Consultation

Liposuction in San Antonio Consultation

Having liposuction involves making a major decision; the procedure is expensive and time consuming and accompanied with severe complications at times. We discuss with you on the potential for these complications occurring and help you overcome them without any fear. During your body-contouring consultation, our plastic surgeon speak to you on what you intend to achieve, and the expectations. You also get to select the type of liposuction for your body. Individual measurements and figures are taken, including your age, body mass and muscle tone to help your surgeon to help evaluate the ideal treatment for your body. Also, your mental and physical health is assessed. Depending on which liposuction goals you have, we help decide on the proper procedure together; you also get the chance to schedule the day for the surgery. Our consultations may also focus on the Risks and complications that may arise; although they are rare in liposuction San Antonio, infection may occur. In other cases, the patient may experience severe bleeding during and after liposuction. Besides, blood clotting may also occur in the legs. Other specific risks may include dimpling, waviness, and formation of loose skin. Our surgeons are highly specialized and use all the ways to help you reduce the risk of blood clots.

Liposuction recovery procedure

Notably, it takes about two weeks to make a full recovery though it may take more time to observe the intended results depending on the extent of the liposuction. Although you may not have the appetite after the surgery, you are advised should ensure that you stay hydrated because a lot of blood oozing may occur which increases dehydration. Pain is usually minimal and we help you control it using medication; you should be able to resume working in around five days after liposuction.

Additional Procedures

Body contour

Body contour any technique that improves the shape and the tone of the body and the underlying tissues by removing excess fat; it results in a more appealing physical appearance of the body.

Body lift

Body lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that aims to remove excess sagging fat and skin tissues to improve the elasticity of the skin. Aging, sun damage, pregnancy, and weight loss, may cause poor tissue elasticity and result in sagging of the abdomen area, buttocks, and thighs.