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Tummy Tuck

New Day Plastic Surgery Provides Top Tummy Tuck Procedures in San Antonio

What is a tummy tuck

Tummy tuck is a surgery procedure that involves the removal of excess fat and skin tissue along with tightening muscles of the underlying abdominal area. Essentially, it is carried out following a pregnancy, successful weight loss or when a flabby abdomen with weak muscles impairs the body contours; such conditions causes the skin tissues to become loose lose its elasticity. It is an incredible process that provides both aesthetic and practical benefits; it restores a lean, toned midsection enabling you achieve a firmer, elastic and more youthful appearance. A tummy tuck in San Antonio (abdominoplasty) can provide an efficient way to eliminate excess skin tissues and fat deposits and refine your contours when other techniques such as diet and exercise do not provide the intended results.

Types of tummy tucks

There are several options of tummy tuck surgery procedures performed by New Day Plastic Surgery; our doctors always helps you choose the right procedures based on the amount of excess skin, fats deposits to be removed, and the extent of the operation; the options include: mini tummy tuck, standard tummy tuck, endoscopic tummy tuck, and circumferential tummy tuck.

Check out more information on the types of tummy tucks below

Standard tummy tuck is the most popular

Involves the creation of a hip-to-hip incision along the entire abdominal area, followed by incisions around the belly button.

Mini Tummy tuck

Is intended for patients whose fat deposits are located below the navel; it involves minimal surgical procedure of the abdomen and removes only small portion of skin.

Endoscopic tummy tuck

Is a surgery performed on those patients with a soft and weak abdominal muscle or less detectable loose skin around the stomach area. Endoscopic tummy tuck is used in patients who suffer from rectus diastasis, a condition that results in the disjointing of the abdominal muscles along the mid-line of the abdominal area.

Circumferential tummy tuck

Is a surgery performed in those patients who undergo excessive weight loss resulting in the loss of excessive skin elasticity.

Why you may want a tummy tuck

Tummy Tuck Procedure In San Antonio

Tummy Tuck Procedure In San Antonio

Getting a tummy tuck in San Antonio helps our patients correct stretch marks or excess saggy skin in your abdomen area that does not improve after a weight loss diet or exercise, to reshape your abdomen following a pregnancy, weight loss, and aging; next, to reduce your protruding abdomen that appears unattractive. Lastly, it boosts your self-confidence by creating more refine contour.

What you want from a tummy tuck

Boost appearance: San Antonio abdominoplasty helps to improve the shape and refine the contour of your stomach. It also tightens and improves the elasticity of a stomach that may appear stretched either as a result weight loss program or after pregnancy.

Eliminate excess skin: Weight loss program and pregnancy may cause a reduction in skin elasticity, which may become loose and saggy skin. Getting a body lift in San Antonio tightens the skin elasticity, preventing it from becoming loose and saggy.

Improve confidence: Tummy tuck surgery helps create a slimmer midsection and contoured abdominal muscles that often boost self-confidence.

Tighten the muscles: Pregnancy, or sometimes aging may cause the abdominal muscles to be disjointed in the midline section of the belly. This condition reduces muscle strength and also creates an abdominal sagging. Endoscopic body lift San Antonio can promote a firmer and tighter feeling at the abdominal muscles without necessarily removing excess skin.

The tummy tuck procedure

Anesthesia; the initial process of an abdominoplasty San Antonio surgery involve administering either a general or local anesthesia to promote the comfort of the patient; an intravenous sedation can also be used. Anesthesia makes the patient unconscious, which enhances the relaxation of the abdominal muscles, allowing the procedure to be completed efficiently without any unexpected muscular or bodily movement.

Incisions: The number, length, and the shape of incisions created depend on the amount of excess skin and the particular procedure to be used. When creating a mini tummy tuck, for instance, a single and very small incision is made at the navel; it is performed on patients whose fat tissues are deposited below the navel. A complete tummy tuck requires an incision from hip bone to hip bone along the entire waistline since it will involve the removal of the excess skin from the entire hip region.

Muscle Tightening: The abdominal muscles are held together and stitched closer. The process helps to tighten and straighten the sagging abdominal and remove tissues of excess fats and skin from the stomach area. The excess loose skin is then removed or trimmed away

Removing Stretch Marks: Stretch marks located below the navel are eliminated together with the excess skin; the remaining stretch often appears less visible after the surgical process. Over time, the appearance of stretch marks improve since the stretching of the abdominal skin flattens the stretch marks making them less prominent.

Closing the Incisions: After the abdominoplasty surgery, the skin is sutured closely together. Mostly, the skin cells adhere along the area of incision, which helps to close the wound naturally.

What you expect in your Initial Consultation

Tummy Tuck in San Antonio Consultation

Tummy Tuck in San Antonio Consultation

Tummy tuck is a serious decision accompanied with severe complications and risks; the procedure is also costly. Such concerns are some of the major consultations we make with our patients. Some of the most common risks may include an adverse reaction to anesthesia. Blood clots also occur frequently during abdominoplasty. Other risks may include infections, tummy tuck pain, swelling, and bruising, Luckily, our team of qualified surgeons at New Day Plastic Surgery help minimize or entirely prevent these complications; use of tummy tuck drains is one of our major steps that helps reduce the risk of infection after the surgery. Individual examination and assessment of the abdominal are made. Besides, we may assess your general health status and any previous health condition or risk factor. Our consultations may also focus on the outcome of the surgery and any potential risks and side effects.

Tummy tuck recovery procedure

Notably, after surgery patients may experience a long period of inaction which can lead to disappointment some distress; tummy scars, bruising, and swelling can create discomfort among the patients. It is important to note that, these conditions are normal occurrences after the surgery and improves as the recovery process becomes apparent. We offer over the counter medication to help you minimize the discomfort and infections. Patients are advised to avoid direct exposure of the incision sites to sunlight to minimize scarring; jelly and silicone cream can also help reduce the appearance of the scars. Specific instructions on the personal care and hygiene are also provided to minimize the infections. Notably, we issue special guidelines on when to make a follow-up with our plastic surgeon.

Additional Procedures

Body lift

Is a surgical cosmetic surgery procedure that involves the removal of excess fat deposits and skin tissues to improve the elasticity of the skin. Conditions such as aging, pregnancy, and weight loss, may cause the skin tissues to become loose and result in sagging of the skin around the abdomen area, buttocks, and the thighs.

Mini Tummy tuck

Is intended for patients whose fat deposits are located below the navel; it involves minimal surgical procedure of the abdomen and removes only small portion of skin.